Pens vs. Blues: 19 Dec 2006

A nasty round of stomach flu ripped through both locker rooms, so they called off the game. If anybody asks, I was at Max & Erma's downtown, watching the Poinsettia Bowl from the bar.

(So how'd you get the Sidney Crosby coin they were giving away?)

Dammit, did you have to bring that up? OK. There was no stomach flu, except for Manny Legace, who left after one period. The Pens decided to take the night off, allowing the lowly St. Louis Blues to break an 11-game losing streak.

But I stand by my original statement. If anybody asks, I was at Max & Erma's downtown, watching the Poinsettia Bowl from the bar.

Final score, Blues 4, Penguins 1.

Three Stars:

  1. Doug Weight (1G, 1A)
  2. Dan Hinote (1G, 1A)
  3. Jay McKee (just for being there)

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2 responses

  1. Sports radio here has been buzzing about the sale AND possible move of the Pens.
    How are you and the loyals holding out?

  2. I'm probably going to post a full-on blog entry once cooler heads prevail, but I'll give yinz the quick hits now.I'm not surprised that Isle of Capri didn't get it. I am surprised that it was Don Barden's group. Conventional Wisdom was that Harrah's bought off enough politicians to get the pressure they needed on the board.Personally, I'm so happy that a bunch of Harrisburg cronies chosen by the state legislature and the ex-Mayor of Philadelphia (I won't dignify the man with the title "Governor") got to make Pittsburgh's choices for it. </sarcasm>I'm not going to panic until "Mayor" Rendell, Mayor Ravenstahl, County Executive Onorato, and Lemieux and Sawyer get down to brass tacks on Plan B.I think Harrah's was on too many shit lists. Their revenue projections were outrageously optimistic, they were way too vague about committing money to Plan B, and nobody believed their traffic impact study. Their site was at Station Square, which already has nearly intolerable traffic, and they tried to tell us that adding one lane to Carson Street would solve everything.If you want a more general feel for the city's reaction, check out the Post-Gazette's Casino Journal.

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