Great time to have all-wheel drive…

..just as my all-wheel drive car dies.

Sunday night, I remembered that I had to be in early Monday morning, so I set out to get gas. One mile from home, I get a blinking Check Engine light and what felt like a non-firing cylinder. I limp it back home, and limp it down to a local shop Monday morning. (Dumb, I know.) Since my parents already had plans for the day, and work was otherwise slow, I called off and rescheduled that meeting. The shop checked in later to tell me that a) he couldn't get the car to start at all, and b) he didn't have the right scan tool for Audi, so he was doing things the old fashioned way.

Long story short, he's stumped, I'll have to tow it to the dealer, but I can't get a hauler because THE WEATHER HAS GONE TO SHIT!

So I'm cruising the treacherous streets of Pittsburgh in Mom's old front-wheel drive barge of a LeSabre. And, of course, the local TV news is treating this like an ice-slicked auto armageddon, so as not to affect the ratings. I hate to tell them this, but their own radio affiliate isn't on message: the roads aren't that bad.

You think this is keeping me from the game tonight? Hell, no! I'm posting from my phone, in my seat, ten minutes from face-off. Me and the die-hards, baby.

See ya after the game.

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