11, 608, 628

Those are the DirecTV channel numbers for Pittsburgh's NBC affiliate, Versus, and FSN Pittsburgh, respectively. Those are the only channels I'll be watching for the next month or so, until somebody lifts Lord Stanley's Cup.

If you think that may be a bit much, you may be right. Consider my response to this headline:

Nestle to Buy Gerber for $5.5 Billion

All that registered in my mind was "Gerber" and "$5.5 Billion", and I thought, "Billion must be a misprint, but there's no way Martin Gerber is worth $5.5 Million to any NHL team." Only then did I notice the word "Nestle", and realize that the topic was baby food manufacturers, not backup goaltenders.

And I went to bed after the first overtime of the Dallas @ Vancouver game. Imagine how punchy I'd be if I had stayed up until 3:30 am to see the whole thing!

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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