The Luck of the Ladies… Draw

Is this what Bruce Arena was thinking when he saw "Italy, Czech Republic, Ghana, United States"?

I went and submitted an entry in the Ladies… Hot Blogger Bracket. I now find myself in the AFC North regional, looking up at Sports Gone South, and wondering what I've gotten myself into. I will never pick on a mid-major again. (I still reserve the right to ridicule the Play-In Game, if only for it's undying loyalty to Dayton, OH.)

It could be worse. The other #1 seeds are Deadspin, Dan Shanoff, and EDSBS.

But it would be foolish to look ahead. Right now, I have to take this one game (and overworked cliche) at a time. My first round match: Brien at East Coast Bias.

UFC live-blogging? Seriously? I can't lose to mixed martial arts! No way. Not happening.

Vote early, vote often. VOTE VINNY!

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