I go to the loser bracket for two minute and feel shame

Well, voting is complete in the first round of the Ladies… Hot Blogger Bracket.


Well, being a hockey guy, I should throw my support behind one of my fellow puckheads…

Damn. Scorched earth rink. Not one hockey post made it to the second round.

I know some Canadians were bitter that Anaheim won the Cup, but this is ridiculous. Do they even get the internets in Manitoba? And where was McErlain? Mirtle? Golbez? Come on, when the Ladies… got a bracket going, we can't have our top line disappear like Spezza and Heatley!

Well, there is one post comparing commissioners Gary Bettman, David Stern, Roger Goodell and Bud Selig, but isn't kicking Bettman a little too easy? The sky is blue, water is wet, Bettman sucks. Even if you don't know what a blog is, you can do that without screwing it up. (Nothing personal, Shorty, but by hockey blog standards, that's weak sauce.)

So I'm throwing what little support I have over to Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson at Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies. Yinzers and ponies are a can't-miss combination!

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3 responses

  1. Did you read the entire post? It wasn't an all out attack on bettman…i give what i thought were the best

  2. and worst of all 4 commisioners…thanx for the link regardless…nice site BTW

  3. Thanks. I liked your post. Good points all around. It makes a nice primer for anybody who's new to the Gary Bettman Experience.

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