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I picked a Premier League team this season

I added the Sports Pack to my DirecTV subscription this summer. Suddenly, I find myself turning to Fox Soccer Channel or GolTV when there's nothing else on. In the evening hours, it's mostly MLS games not involving You Know Who, USL-1, or various Latin American leagues. But Saturday and Sunday mornings are all about the Premier League. I figure that I'll have more fun with it if I have a specific rooting interest.

Man U is too obvious. I don't like the idea of rooting for a Russian playboy who's trying to buy a title, so Chelsea's out. I have nothing against Liverpool, but they're rivals with Everton, and the Toffies are helping Pittsburgh Riverhounds set up a soccer academy in the US. I really don't want to be on the wrong side when American soccer finally gets a proper promotion/relegation system, and Riverhounds storm the gates of MLS, so I think I'll stick to London.

So what about Arsenal? Rich history, perennial contenders, long-standing rivalry with Tottenham. (Hello, Cleveland!)

Arsenal it is!

(August is sloooooooow for hockey fans. But it's September now, and training camp is just around the corner.)

(I'm also using this post to test-drive MarsEdit. They have some simple Vox support now, and 6A still doesn't support Safari.)

(OK, I'm done with parenthetical asides.)

(No, I'm not. MarsEdit made a hash of the paragraphs. Back to Firefox…)

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