Dear Bruce Arians,


Run the bloody football.

Run the bloody football all over the 32nd rushing defense in the National Football League.

I don't give a damn if Denver is putting eight men in the box. You can bet your fancy Coordinator title that the Broncos had eight men in the box against the five other teams they've faced this season. And they still had the 32nd rushing defense in the National Football League going into tonight's game.

Ben Roethlisberger shouldn't have had more than 15 pass attempts for the entire night. Counting pre-game warmups.

The game plan for tonight was so simple, a hockey blogger could figure it out:

  • Run Willie Parker
  • Run Willie Parker
  • When Parker needs a blow, run Najeh Davenport
  • Run Willie Parker

Mike Shanahan should have been seeing phantom dumps in his hamper for a year, wondering how this season went down the drain. Instead, Jason Elam is a hero again.

Yours truly,
Vinnie T.

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