Yes, once again, I’ve fallen behind

Having a Real Job will do that sometimes. Having a third period like we did against the Maple Leafs will do that, too.

Toronto 5, Pittsburgh 2: 25 Oct 2007
Exasperating 20 minutes of hockey, after the score was tied at 1-1.

Montreal 3, Pittsburgh 2 (SO): 27 Oct 2007
Ended up watching this one from home, as the Old College Roommate claimed both tickets. Any shootout that goes 8 rounds will be ended by somebody who's making the first attempt of their career. Cue Andrei Markov.

Philadelphia 3, Pittsburgh 1: 7 Nov 2007
28 seconds. That's how long it took for Sid to get too fancy with the puck, lose it at his own blue line, and set up a tic-tac-toe goal for the Umberger-Briere-Lupul line. Mellon Arena was having a Technical Difficulty Night, with the orange-gold runway lights staying on for much of the first period, no player numbers on the penalty board, a TV time-out game where the answer was given away on the jumbotron, and for a few minutes, Tampa was leading Florida 196-0, according to the balcony out-of-town scoreboards.

Oh, and the ice has been atrocious for all of these games.

As has the defense. Seriously, 22 shots against in the first period of last Thursday's Rangers game?

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