May 10, 2008: The day Slashdot died.

Once again, Twitter, Slashdot’s most maniacal anti-Microsoft troll, beats on the dead horse. Of course, Twitter and Marc Ash are cut from the same cloth. They both believe that they are so noble, and their causes so righteous, that they can freely stoop to any depth, and engage in whatever underhanded behavior they please.

Marc Ash was caught spamming totally unrelated Yahoo! Groups by joining and blasting emails through group addresses.

Twitter threadjacks a story, then shills his comment with three of his army of sockpuppets, including two accounts that are impostors of his critics.

And Slashdot does nothing.

Instead, Rob Malda posts this gem to the front page, claiming that Microsoft “prefers” Flash to Silverlight because Microsoft doesn’t have some super-special-secret transmogrifier that could spontaneously transform each and every Flash animation on each and every web site Microsoft owns into Silverlight content, and didn’t use it the very minute Silverlight 1.0 was released to the public.

Slashdot has turned reason and common sense and honesty against its own readers.

Delete your bookmarks, people. Redirect to in your hosts file, in case you get the urge to go back. There’s no point.

There are plenty of places where advocacy of Free and Open Source software is done without the community being exploited. Slashdot is no longer one of those places. Their hatred of Microsoft has become all-consuming, and they’re proud of it. Time to leave them shouting into empty space.

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