Microsoft has created Counter-Reality Distortion Field Tech

Gizmodo: Microsoft Gloats: Apple Begged Them to Stop Running “Laptop Hunter” Ads

DailyTech: Apple Begs for Mercy, Asks Microsoft to Stop Airing Laptop Hunter Ads

Engadget: Microsoft exec says Apple asked them stop airing Laptop Hunters ads

Ars Technica: Apple demanded Microsoft to stop its Laptop Hunters ads

Want to know what all these articles have in common?

None of them bothered to contact Apple for confirmation or comment. A Microsoft officer said it, so it must be true, right?

You know damn well that, had Steve Jobs or Tim Cook said something this outrageous during a keynote, those web sites would be in a balls-to-the-wall race to scoop the others for a comment from Microsoft.


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  1. I remember a couple of years ago, Microsoft had interns and employees of their PR agency go out and comment on blogs touting how great their products were…without disclosing their association(s) with the company…

    …what a completely transparent operation!


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