Monthly Archives: November, 2009


How head coach Dan Bylsma views the power play:

I think early on, when Gonchar was gone, we looked initially for one play and a shot. We haven’t gotten in position. We haven’t gotten puck support. We haven’t gotten a lot of zone time as a result. It’s almost the ‘Hoosier’ mentality in basketball — you need four passes to set it up, break them down, get them running around, spread them out and then get shots and chances.

How the fans view the power play:

As soon as Goligoski crosses center red, yell “SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!”


I think I’ll go for a walk! (You’re not fooling anyone, you know.)

Sarah’s kind name-drop in her most recent Friday Football Foodie reminded me of how little I’ve written lately, in this space or others. I’ve been up to my hairline with real life. It’s just as well that I haven’t penned much. Between the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup, I would have become That Guy sometime in July. Better to remain silent and be thought a gloating, arrogant douchetard, than to open my mouth and remove all doubt. Imagine how insufferable this town would be if the Pirates didn’t suck in historic proportion. Way to keep us grounded, Buccos!

That Foodie post also has me itching to try that breakfast enchilada recipe. Maybe the 15th. There aren’t many opportunities for game day breakfast food Back East. Especially when your team is the defending Super Bowl champion and in demand for prime-time games, not 1:00 starts called by CBS’ #4 crew. (See, there I go.)